Get Creative with Your Weight Loss Workout Schedule

It’s hard to get yourself motivated but when you finally get on a workout schedule you will be very grateful that you did.  There are many different ways to exercise but if you don’t make it fun chances are you will never stick with it.  We are going to look at different ways to keep you motivated and stay on track.  If you have fun while you exercise you will enjoy and you are more likely to do it every day.  The key to losing weight is to exercise and diet.  You also need to make sure that you drink plenty of water.  Doctors recommended that you drink eight glasses everyday but if you are exercising you need to drink ten to twelve glasses every day.

If you have a treadmill at home put it to good use.  Set it up in your living room in front of the TV.  You can walk three to four miles while watching your favorite movie or TV show.  The time will pass very quickly and before you know it you will have walked several miles.  If you walk three miles and you are not tired try walking one or two more.  Waling is a great weight loss exercise and if you walk three to four miles a day the weight will literally fall off your body.

Another great idea is to get your friends involved.  Make a schedule and try to change your scenery ever two days.  Take turns exercising at each other house.  If you have friends around you can motivate each other to exercise every day.  You will also find that you will look forward to your exercises instead of dreading it.  You and your friends could work out to a video and gossip at the same time.  You can’t go wrong!

I have also found it very effective by getting my children involved.  Get the bicycles out and start peddling.  Riding a bike is one of the best weight loss exercises you will ever do.  When you ride a bike you work your leg and stomachs muscles and you burn calories like crazy.  It will be something that you and the kids will look forward to doing together.  You will get your exercise for the day and you will also promote good health with your children.  It only takes a couple of miles of bike riding to equal four miles of walking.  Riding a bike will also take you less time to complete your exercise.  If you can devote forty minutes every other day to riding your bike you will see remarkable results.

Loosing weight does not have to be a drag but you will need to get creative in order to make it fun.  Weight loss exercises not only help you to lose weight but it will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.  It will also help your heart, blood pressure and diabetes.  We all want to live long healthy lives but we have to eat right and exercise as much as we possibly can.

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